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Hadrian uses cloud technology and machine learning to deliver scalable, accurate and detailed security insights from the outside-in perspective. We can run thousands of scans and tests on thousands of clients continuously, in parallel and without requiring the installation of an agent.

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Hadrian announces €2.5M investment round

November 16, 2021. Hadrian, a London and Amsterdam based cybersecurity startup raised a €2.5M pre-seed round to build the world’s first autonomous offensive security solution.

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Why proactive security?

Best defence requires offence

Many organisations do not look at their defence systems from the outside. As a result, they run large, unnecessary risks. Cyber criminals can exploit these opportunities. Companies need to start prioritising proactive security in their overall security strategy.

What does Hadrian do?

Red Teaming

1 Asset discovery & contextualisation

Using our unique passive and active scraping algorithms, we find all Digital Assets belonging to your organisation. With ML and memory algorithms, we can understand how those assets fit into your network . As a result, we accurately map the Attack Surface of your digital infrastructure.

2 Monitoring & testing

We track changes to your digital assets, and use event-driven testing to ensure our security insights are always up-to-date.

3 Interpretation & intelligent risk assessment

Our machine-learning algorithms interpret the technical warnings we discover, to alert us to the critical digital risks. We use advanced models to accurately determine the risk associated with every vulnerability.

Why Hadrian?

Hadrian platform provides advanced insights into digital risks

Scalable and evolving

Hadrian runs thousands of tests on thousands of entry points at the same time. The platform is constantly improved with new tests designed by our ethical hackers.

Holistic Scope

Today’s computing is increasingly complex and expansive. By encompassing a wider perspective, Hadrian finds the 'unknown unknowns' in customers’ infrastructures.

Continuous Monitoring

Hadrian uses new and innovative event-driven testing to reduce its intrusiveness, while still achieving the high certainty of continuous monitoring.

Active Learning

With the latest ML, Hadrian further improves network security as test diversity and frequency enrich its analytical dataset.

Investors & Advisors

Alex Weiss

Managing Director, Clearsky Security

Manuel Stotz

Founder and CEO, Kingsway Capital

Wouter Gort

Partner, Greyhound Capital

Riva-Melissa Tez

Former Senior Director, Intel Corporation

Chris Vogelzang

Former CEO, Danske Bank

Alexander Ribbink

General Partner, Keen Ventures


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